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I'm going to take a break from blogging as my work schedule makes it tough to cook much. Stay tuned for blogs in the future. In the mean time, order up your copy of my cookbook and you can start to enjoy all the great recipes I've created. I hope you all understand.


I had today off so made dinner. It was Baked Crusted Salmon with Orange Vinaigrette Sauce and Baked Asparagus with Parmesan Cheese and Baked Potatoes. The salmon was wonderful and the rest was just as real tasty. The Salmon recipe is in my cookbook. Sunday will be a baked chicken with a baked squash and I haven't figured out the rest of the dinner, but I'm sure it will be tasty and a carcass that will go in the freezer. 

Last week I cooked up three chicken carcasses and made a big pot of chicken soup with rutabagas and parsnips. Add to that some carrots, onions, celery, garlic and of course barley. Add some dried mushrooms and some spices along with the broth from cooking down the carcasses and we had a big pot of soup. We gave some to our neighbor and she loved it and asked where all the flavor came from. Just good home cooking is all it takes.

I like to use dried mushrooms in soups and other dishes like that. The dried mushrooms have more flavor and absorb flavor from the liquid. But they were hard to find locally. I finally found a good source on line and now have dried porcini, shitake, and some good white mushrooms to use. YUM!


I had yesterday off so made dinner. It was baked Steelhead Trout. Our store puts it on sale periodically and we often get it as it's a lot cheaper than salmon and the flavor and texture is almost identical. I decided to try something new and was looking at Hush Puppies but since they are deep fried, I wanted to do something different so they were healthier. So did some googling and came up with a recipe to bake them instead of deep frying them. They came out really good (left overs are great too) but will make some changes next time I make them. Maybe then, I'll post the recipe. Rounded the dinner out with nice fresh romaine lettuce salad. This gave Margo a night off cooking and I usually also cook our Sunday dinner for after church.


I had yesterday off so made dinner. It was a green bean casserole. We had some old frozen green beans in the freezer and I didn't want to throw out so did some googling and came up with a recipe. I browned 1 lb of hamburger with a chopped onion and some garlic.  Added some salt and pepper (but not enough when we ate it). Next time I'll throw in some other spices along with a little more salt and pepper. I had let the beans thaw so chopped them into pieces about an inch long. Threw in about a quart of beans into the hamburger with 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup. Stirred that together and cooked until everything was nice and warm. Spread the mixture out in a 9x13 pan and then put on a layer of tatter tots. It took a 32 oz bag to cover the top nice and neatly. Put it in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. Can you say comfort food? YUM!


I haven't been doing a lot of cooking lately. The summer job is picking up so I'm generally out 5 days a week so Margo is doing more cooking. I did make a nice beef roast with potatoes and carrots for lunch today. But the leftovers will be up to Margo. Sometimes go shopping on Wednesday (my typical day off) and see what is on sale to figure something out for dinner. But it's going to be grilling season soon (it's mid March). I actually put the screens in the storm doors today as it hit 76!!! That always brings some fun food.


Nothing much to talk about for cooking lately. We just keep plugging along. This time of the year we like lots of comfort food like casseroles. Plus that gives us leftovers for lunch. It's interesting how many times the leftovers are even tastier. Today's lunch was interesting. I made my pork wellington. It uses a pork tenderloin, prosciutto, dried apples, Dijon mustard, spices and a puff pastry. Along side that was a baked potato and roasted parsnips. If you like parsnips, give this a try. Peel about a pound of parsnips and cut them into even strips about " thick. Put in a bowl and drizzle them with some olive oil. Sprinkle with a teaspoon or two of rosemary, sprinkle on some pepper. Stir to coat the strips and spread them out on a sheet pan. Roasted them for 20-25 minutes until they are tender  in a 450 degrees oven turning them over once. That makes 2 servings. I think if we make it again we would add some other root vegetables too as parsnips aren't our favorite veggie.


Some things to say about food but the big change is I finally go back to work. It's a short term job running through July 4th or maybe to Labor Day. But it's basically full time. I'll be working for Scott's Miracle Gro as a Product Counselor so probably won't be cooking as much.  But tonight it's my Italian Casserole using up a half jar of pasta sauce. It's tasty when fresh and the leftovers are even better. I have to grind up some beef tomorrow for some sandwich spread and for Sunday dinner it's roast beef with squash and potatoes in some form. Don't know what yet. Other than Snotober when we got about a foot of snow and lots of damage it's been a quite winter. Since that storm we have had only about 8" of snow and really mild temperatures. A lot different than last winter when by this time we couldn't see our mailbox from the house because of all the snow.


Super Bowl Sunday. Getting ready to go to a party. Last week made my Italian Meatloaf. YUM and the leftovers get even better. Margo is making her broccoli salad for the party and I'm about to get started on my Swiss Cheese and Bacon Dip. All of our friends will be bring other stuff so I'm sure we'll all eat to much. It should be a good game and looking forward to the commercials. They're almost more fun than the game. It will be an interesting week for cooking. Since we knew we were going to eat a lot tonight, we didn't have a normal big Sunday Dinner so no leftovers to work with. But I guess that could make it fun. Maybe it's time to try a few new recipes.


Oops, Sorry for not posting for awhile. It's hard to write when you are frozen. For New England, it has turned COLD! This was Chicken Week. Roasted Chicken on Sunday -yum, hard to beat Roasted Chicken and baked potato and asparagus. Chicken Enchiladas Verde (green enchiladas based on tomatillos) on Tuesday - yum again and the leftovers are great. On Tuesday I also cooked down some chicken carcasses and made stew from the broth and chicken on Thursday. We gave some to our neighbor and she loved it. We loved it too. We have leftovers and froze some too. Next week is a beef week as a nice beef roast is thawing in the frig. Tonight is a fish and tomato with basil and pasta dinner. Basically it's comfort food season. BRING IT ON!


Wow, 2012 already! Where did last year go! Oh the joys of self employment. Margo works as a free lance proofreader and makes lots of money doing it. That means to stay on top of taxes, quarterly estimated payments to the federal government need to be made. It's really a double whammy in one case. The quarterly payments need to be made on 4/15 (yes the same day LAST years taxes need to be paid too so that's the double whammy), then 6/15, and 9/15. But the real kicker is the 4th quarter payment needs to be made by 1/15. So where many of you dread 4/15, the self employed dread 1/15.

So that's how I spent today, doing taxes. Thankfully, TurboTax makes the job pretty easy. But what is interesting is that if you print the return, many forms are stamped with DO NOT FILE since the program hasn't been finalized.  The NH state program won't even be available until at least 1/28 so more fun then. It also helps that since we've done it for a few years it's pretty easy to get all the numbers without having things like W2's, 1099's, charitable statements, mortgage interest etc. Why pay quarterlies? Because if you don't, you pay penalties and they can be stiff. Right now we have a penalty since I haven't entered the 1/15 payment. You have to do the taxes to figure out what that needs to be. You have to do your best guess on the quarterly payments but you need to be pretty close. The January payment lets you pay more or less depending on what you need to catch up. What a pain. 

Also it's the fun time in NH! Political season. Luckily it passes to SC on Tuesday. We have been getting about 8 calls per day from the various presidential candidates! Thank God for caller ID! So sorry, if we don't recognize the number, we don't answer and that's been for about the last 2 months.

Just heard about an interesting web site today. Maybe a chance to give them a taste of their own medicine. www.reverserobocall.com


Well it's the end of the year and what a year. I finally found money to print the cookbook and sales are going pretty well. It's been fun to get the comments on the cookbook. If you haven't bought yours, you need to step up to the bar. If you have the cookbook, check our the Cookbook Corrections page to see some updates to a few recipes. We will add more as we find more tweaks to the great recipes. New Years Eve will be low key and we will probably eat leftovers. Maybe a little bubbly later in the night. I'd bet we'll be in bed before midnight. We hardly every stay up until midnight.


I don't have a lot to say. I'm still getting over a nasty cold. It was so bad I could barely breathe one night. I had to send Margo out to a 24 hour pharmacy to get some drugs. I spent several nights in the lazy boy chair to keep my head elevated. Needless to say, I didn't have much appetite so didn't do much of any cooking. I'm starting to get back at it but still not back to 100%. Last night I did cook and made "South of the Border Lasagna." It's made with Mexican spicing and uses tortillas instead of lasagna noodles. Pretty tasty and the leftovers are too.


I've added a new section to the menus on the web site. When you click on the "Rich's Abundant Gastronomic Delights" tab you now see "Cookbook Corrections" at the bottom. That's where we will post any corrections, changes, clarifications, etc.  So if you see something wrong or questionable, let me know and we will address it.


Monday night was Beef Tortellini Soup and Biscuits with one of our neighbors. YUM! And the leftovers were even better. Tonight it's going to be Mexican Shepherd's Pie using the leftover roast beef instead of hamburger. Should be an interesting twist. It ended up being real tasty but a little weird on the texture. But what do you do with a tough cut of beef. Grind it up and use it somewhere like this or make a roast beef spread we do often.


Well I finally put together a press release for my new cookbook. You can read it here.


We had a tasty pork roast for dinner today. It was stuffed with sausage, apples, walnuts, and a few spices. Makes the pork real tasty. The leftovers will disappear fast!. For those of you that have the 2nd Edition, the recipe is on page 35. Give it a try sometime. You won't be sorry.


Well we survived the Northeast Snowtober storm. We got about a foot of wet heavy storm and lost power for close to five days. Thank God for warm days as we survived at home. The house got down to 53, but we were able to keep some food cold in the garage with snow filled coolers. We did have to throw out a lot from the freezer though. Power went out on Saturday 10/29 about 8:30pm and came back Thursday 11/3 about noon. But exciting news in the mean time. Wednesday is the Feast section of the Nashua Telegraph and the Culinary Delights results were announced. I WON BIG TIME! I won the Salad and Appetizer area with my Wild Rice Salad and it got enough votes to win the overall category. So I am the 2011 winner of the Culinary delights. I'm sorry to say that they killed that section of the paper so no more winners from that area in the future. See some more details in the Awards area.


We like scallops. Have you ever had a bit of scallop that was a little tough in a restaurant or when you cooked them yourself? Well what was missed was the byssus or sometimes called the "beard." On one end of the scallop is this little vertical muscle that is tough, but is easy to peel off. Get rid of it and you will have great tasting scallops recipes at home. If you get it at a restaurant, tell them and go to a different seafood restaurant next time.


We've started to use an interesting product lately. It's called Cooking Creme and is basically creamy creamy cheese that has been flavored up a lot. There are actually five different flavors of it. You can read about it and see recipes at www.cookphilly.com. It's an interesting way to have something different and tasty for dinner that is pretty easy to put together. And the best part is it usually leaves us leftovers for lunch. The other night we had the Baked Penne that uses a 1/2 lb of ground beef and a few other things. That gave us a nice dinner and lunches for both of us for 2 more days. It's a great way to stretch your food dollar and have a good meal too.


For Sunday Dinner my wife and I usually have a roasted chicken, a beef roast, or a pork roast. Getting rid of the leftovers for the first two is never a problem. But finding tasty things to do with leftover pork roast has always been a challenge. The new cookbook has a tasty and easy recipe called "Creamy Pork Pot Pie." Yesterday I tried another pork pot pie recipe that had apples in it. The dish was pretty tasty but the recommended puff pastry topping just didn't work well. So I'll try something different for the topping next time and will probably mess with the rest of the recipe too.  Stay tuned.


The 2nd edition is back from the printer and available for purchase.


It's been a long time since I updated my blog. Kind of lost heart as I didn't know if I'd ever have enough money to get it printed. GOOD NEWS!!!!!! Cookbook is at the printer and I should have it in just another day or two.  Stay tuned!


Another good tip. Stuffed pork chops or chicken breasts although it is a little tougher with chicken breasts so I will talk about pork chops and you can extrapolate to chicken breasts.

Take a 1" pork chop and don't slice in half to stuff. Take a knife and in about the center of the edge, stick the knife in almost to the back side. Now swing the knife in an arc to one end. Turn the knife over and do the same the other direction. You should now have a pocket with a small hole. Stuff away and now you only need a toothpick if you need that instead of a bunch of toothpicks to seal the pocket.  Enjoy.


Meatballs - they are great but can be a pain to make. Grabbing a spoonful and rolling it into a ball. That can take a long time. Here is a way to make meatballs easy and probably many rolled cookies. Follow along.

First, make the meatballs or cookie dough as normal. Now when ready to make balls, spread it out on the right surface (floured or parchment paper or whatever)  into a rectangle about the thickness you want. Making 3/4" meatballs, make a rectangular brick about 3/4" thick. Now take a sharp knife and cut into squares about 3/4" or a little less. Now you have "cubes" you can easily make into meatballs, just roll the corners a little. How easier could it be. Makes it easy to make meatballs or cookie balls. Why spend time rolling a lot when all you have to do is round the corners.


Lasagna with Shrimp, Crab, and Scallops!  YUM!!!!


Well the editing is done and the layout done too. Have my ISBN number and my Library of Congress number. All the barcodes have been created. Have a quote from the printer and now just need to find the money to get it printed. This edition will have over 250 recipes and the covers will be laminated so it will hold up even better than the first edition. The binding will be a little different too so that will work better as well.  Stay tuned!


Well the second edition cookbook moves forward. Done with recipes (might slip in a few more) and have finished the text editing. Now it's editing the layout to fill pages. Right now it's 250+ recipes, the old version was 100+ and still haven't set a price. Just starting to talk with printers. But at least it's getting closer.


From my last post, you can see that I support the military. I promise, back to food after this one. I don't necessarily agree with every where they are, but that's a policy issue and not a military support issue. I also support family values and here is a way you can support both. The link below is safe. I'm a subscriber to couponmom.com.  It's a great place to get coupons that we use everyday. But what this link talks about is a place where you can send RECENTLY expired coupons and they are redistributed to military units. As the coupons will be accepted for 6 months after their expiration date.  They will also take unexpired coupons so think about sending coupons you don't use to this program.

It's a great way to support the military and family values at the same time.



Soap box started! Not a food topic. I know this is a little late but I listened to a July 4th sermon today. And someone reminded me of the Lee Greenwood "God Bless the USA." I love what our  military does for our country. I don't necessarily agree with everywhere we are, but I support the military (different issues). I just missed service at the end of Viet Nam so am not a veteran. Do you know someone that is serving? Is there a spouse or child behind? Have you reached out to help that family? We need to support out military families. They have a tough road with separation, etc. When my wife and I were newly married, we had a separation where I was gone for 8 weeks. We had a bit of a tough time getting back together. I can't image what our soldiers go through with 6 months or more of separation and multiple separations. So if you've seen a military person, have you said "THANK YOU,"  I do every chance I get.

Could you give them a hand if you have a friend or neighbor that is serving? Take the kids for a day, mow the lawn, clean the gutters. There are all kinds of things you could do to support the local families that have someone serving in the military.

There is a phrase, "Freedom Isn't Free"  Keep politics out of it and support your neighbors and friends that are  serving in the military.  Soap Box ended.


Another great recipe, Pasta Casserole. The name doesn't do it justice so might come up with a different name. Basically, pasta, pasta sauce, meat, cheese, bell peppers, herbs, can I say cheese, bake for awhile and can you say YUM!


Definitely been awhile since I updated.  Getting to the end of testing recipes and my wife (a great editor) is working through it. A bunch of new recipes coming and hope to have the cookbook out this fall. Think about Italian Meatloaf, Blueberry Cake, Strawberry Muffins, and Caramelized Cauliflower. These will all be in the next cookbook.

Some have asked about my caricature. Bradley Wilson did it for me and pretty cheap. http://www.newbradleydwilson.com/Home_Page.php And Bradley did it from a photo and said it was for a cookbook. Also gave a little other info about me and this is what he came up with. We never met, never even talked on the phone. Only thing I said that was major was "I've lost a lot of weight, don't make me look fat." He added the bowl and everything else as it was just a photo of me standing.

I love it and if you want something similar, click above and see what he can do.



YUM. I love ginger snaps but don't like hard cookies. Figured out how to make ginger snaps that are on the chewy side. Definitely going to be in the next cookbook.


Not much on the food front. But here is something for all you dog lovers. I heard this quite awhile ago but thought I'd share it here.  Turn your paper shredders OFF when not in use. The story I heard was a dog smelled something sweet and started to lick it. And you can guess what happened to his tongue. Do you want to have that happen to your favorite 4-legged pal?  I think not, so just turn your paper shredder off when not in use. You'll save your dog and save a little electricity at the same time.


Created a recipe for a tasty beef roast in a slow cooker. Would be great for a tougher cut of meat. And the cookbook continues to slowly move forward.


Tested a few more recipes but don't have much to report.  Chucked a few and moved a couple forward. Still have a few to test and Cookbook 2 moves forward. There is a link to the Mexican Shepherd's Pie on the Recipe of the month tab.


I'm back from my Mom's 90th birthday party in MN. We had a GREAT time. Lots of good food and a good time with family, relatives, and friends. Lots of laughs and catching up with everyone. And I heard a great sermon about the symbolism of the Passover Seder. I and my brother and sister have never heard much of that symbolism and really loved it. I've been thinking about what I heard a lot ever since. Just made another great recipe.  Sausage Pie. And heard that my Mexican Shepherd's Pie will be in Wednesday's Nashua Telegraph when they have their food section.


YUM! Mexican Shepherd's Pie. Didn't make it real spicy to keep Margo happy but there are several things I list to help spice it up as much as you want. Have to pack today as I fly to MN tomorrow for my Mom's 90th birthday party on Saturday. Her birthday is actually today.


Another great new recipe - Beef Tortellini Soup, YUM, Other than that, not much. Still working on stuff for the cookbook. Big thing is getting ready for my Mom's 90th birthday party. Us 4 'kids' are singing a custom 4 part "Happy Birthday" so learning that with my wife who is a great musician. I haven't sang "choir" stuff for a while and barbershop makes it even more interesting. Using an arrangement from my wife's sister that is a BIG TIME barbershop arranger.

4/15/2010 - First post

OK, Decided to start to blog a bit. Rich's Abundant Gastronomic Delights, 2nd Edition is moving along. Taxes are done and paid and that was a bit ugly with my wife working contract on a 1099 basis. OUCH.   Looking at quarterly payments to keep the final bill down to a dull roar.

Don't expect the 2nd edition any time soon. Still some recipes to add, edit, etc. Also looking at getting an ISBN number and a barcode so I can place it in bookstores. Here are some ticklers for the 2nd edition. #1 NUTRITIONAL information. I found a program that calculates that info so now you can see how healthy (or not) a recipe is. #2 About twice as many recipes! Even more tasty treats.

It will be the same format but since it's going to be a lot bigger, I can't comment on the price at this time. That's all for now.

To get your own copy of this amazing cookbook , send $20 to cover printing and shipping. See the Purchase a Cookbook area for details.

Send us an email if you have questions.






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